I’m often cold and from November until May in Portland, I walk around covered with a thick scarf, gloves, thick socks and possibly a hat unless I’m in the APANO office.  So I lean toward comfort food this time of the year: warm crackling rice bowls and hot soups. Here are some of my favorite places in the Jade:

SoKong Dong Tofu & BBQ serves the clay pot bibimbap and Jin Jin Deli has a variety of hot rice bowls.  The crispy, crackling rice at the bottom of the pot makes these bowls of rice special.

Ha V&L, a favorite of many APANO staffers, has a variety of hot soups – but differs each day of the week. They serve 2 main entrees each day and close up shop when they run out.  I’ve seen the closed sign as early as 12:30PM and they close on Tuesday.  

Van Hanh is a vegetarian restaurant that is run by a group of Buddhist nuns.  The menu is extensive and most will seem unfamiliar.  Try something familiar and something new.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Just make sure that you aren’t in a rush.  They make one dish at a time.

Pho Kim serves the ubiquitous and possibly the most recognizable Vietnamese dish to Americans.  The pho is good and if you are with a group, there’s something for everyone.  My husband always order Hu Tieu My Tho with clear noodles.  It’s a noodle soup from Southern Vietnam and often could be passed as Hu Tieu Nam Vang – they are similar versions.  

After your meal, go get a foot massage and relax.