Our Vision

Vision Statement

By 2018, the Jade District is a safe business district where a cohesive business community welcomes residents and visitors to experience the rich tapestry of cultural heritages in a must-see destination location. This multicultural district is recognized with distinctive color, style, and activities, and will be a vibrant economic district supporting the needs of its residents. The district features safe, walkable areas rich with arts, entertainment, and many different cultural establishments serving food and drink, and gathering places that foster a sense of ethnic diversity. The Jade District is identified as a distinct regional cultural district using consistent signage, lighting, traffic calming, physical improvements and signature events focusing on our many different cultures.

About Jade District

82nd Avenue & Division St, identified for its rich blend of Asian influences, supports locally owned businesses that promote local employment opportunities. Partnering with neighborhood associations, the local businesses are looking to meet the consumer needs of residents.

Communication is key to the mutual understanding and development of the cohesive business community. Our commitment is to develop strong communication systems to reach and engage in the many different cultural groups, thus bridging language barriers and improving safety. Neighborhood associations and community members are actively participating at each of our events and activities.

We are identifying physical improvements for key opportunity sites and encouraging feasible traffic-calming projects to provide a safe and welcoming environment for commerce. We also intend to enhance and monitor a list of physical improvements that will improve the look and feel of our district as a unique destination.

The Jade District is prepared to engage the community through cultural holiday celebrations such as Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn Moon Festival, as well as promotion of the Annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade. Our vision also includes the development of a multicultural community center, an Asian inspire Night Market, and a local community garden. These projects make the district not just for local residents, but a destination for all of Portland and its visitors.

Through monitoring and measuring the success of projects and activities, we will engage people to participate with volunteer time, talent, or treasure.

If you wish to learn more, please read the Jade District Visioning Reports below:
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Collective Jade District Visioning Boards
Jade District Visioning Appendices

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