Grant Program

Tax-Increment Financing (TIF) Grant Program

As part of our small business development strategy, we offer Business Improvement Grants to businesses in the Jade District.  Funds are generated through Tax Increment Financing and invested in the commercial areas in the Jade District.  Our goal is to make these funds as accessible as possible to businesses in the Jade District.  We favor projects that create long term relationships and serve community needs and public benefits, such as lighting or green space improvements.

To be eligible, a business must be in the investment area and the project must be a “capital improvement” which means it must be a permanent improvement to the property.  For example, installing a new HVAC system or new landscaping is a permanent improvement.  However, floor lamps, chairs, or regular maintenance projects are not eligible.  If you have questions about whether your business or project is eligible, we encourage you to reach out and apply and we can help determine your eligibility and how we can support you!

Grant Documents